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Springard Rebar Caps


This new generation of Protective Covers known as “SPRINGARD” ™ uses lightweight smart materials that sense the load they are under making for a lighter, more effective Protective Cover. The design mimics the structure of bones. Bone is light yet strong; its porous interior carries tension only when it’s necessary leaving space elsewhere. This is known as “Biomimicry” or biologically inspired engineering.
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Quick Overview

    When "Impalement Protection Covers" were introduced in the late 90’s, under pressure from CalOsha, we designed a cover that in those days was the best way to protect construction personnel from deadly impalement injuries.

    In addition to a steel plate, the cylinder has an Energy Absorbing Material (EAM) which in independent lab tests has shown can absorb a bigger portion of the energy generated at impact during a fall, thus giving the “SPRINGARD” better absorption (deceleration) characteristics, much like the controlled deformation of the "CRUMPLE ZONE" in automobiles.

    The new generation “SPRINGARD” is designed to be stronger, lighter and more effective, compared to the traditional covers currently on the market. Meet Fed. OSHA specification 1926.701(B). Patent pending.
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