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About Us

We are a company that focuses on getting your job done. We look for the products that result in the safest, most efficient and most economical installations and bring them to you. For over 68 years, we have been a “Show You” company believing that when you’ve operated the product, you can make a good decision.

So, when new products like portable power centers come out, we bring them out and follow how they work on the actual job. When regulations like those on Silica Dust arrive, we try out the dust extraction systems and shrouds ourselves to see how well (or not well) the connectors, rotary hammer bits and abrasive wheels adapt from one manufacturer to another. We also supply the proper masks and respirators and may conduct fit testing to ensure the best total solution for your jobsite silica Dust concerns.

We believe every worker’s life is invaluable. One way we show this is by presenting programs that show the safe use of power tools and the use of personal protective equipment as THE professional way to work. Whether it is harness use, daily harness inspection or the most comfortable, cut resistant glove for the task, we know what‘s up. Call to arrange a presentation that will help your workers work safe.

We work with you on your Fire Stopping applications, too, from a few sausage tubes to complete systems that maintain installation history and changes on software. With 2 trained 3M Firestop Instructors on staff, we can quickly provide Project Submittal Packages and Engineering Judgments that meet your site’s specific needs.

We take great pride in our unsurpassed service culture - a benefit that clearly distinguishes us from our competition. We are fortunate to have first rate team members who personally manage requests from initial contact through to delivery. And, we hold them all accountable - while promoting a constant improvement process.


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