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Quick Overview

  • Built on a standard PC6000 platform with full electronic control and instrumentation as well as advanced features such as data logging and electronic blade measurement
  • A full industrial computer acts as an operator interface for the machine allowing the operator t monitor conditions and adjust set points as needed
  • Sensors located around the machine constantly monitor operation conditions and adjust forward travel speed
  • Computer that delivers total control of depth control wheels, engine load and forward speed.
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Dimensions: Length: 47' Width: 8'6" Height: 11'. Weight: 53,000 lbs. with grinding head and fuel tank full. 75,000 lbs with water tank full.
Transportation: Machine is a legal load (with water tank empty) for standard 3-axle tractor. Axle loads are approximately 25,000 lbs. on trailer tandem and 25,000 lbs. on tractor tandem. no permits required. Standard light and air connections.
Power: 680 HP QSX15-630 Cummins diesel engine, liquid cooled.
Cutting Width: 50" maximum. Blade Diameter: 14", 16" or 18".
Fuel capacity: 450 gallons (tank supplies both main and auxiliary engine).
Fuel Consumption: 22-25 gph (main engine).
Hydraulic System: 50 gallon hydraulic reservoir.
Head Drive: Power from the engine transmitted through a manually operated/over center PTO clutch into a right angle drive gearbox through a special shock absorbing coupler.The output shafts of the right angle gearbox drive two timed synchronous belts which transmit the power to the blade shaft.
Function Power: Provided by an axial piston pump which delivers 24 GPM to Rexroth control valves.
Instrumentation: Blade Coolant Pressure Gauge and Alarm; Right Angle Drive Pressure Gauge. Engine Instrumentation and Industrial PC.
Other Features: Dual Controls with electronic joysticks on each side to control ground drive. Electro-Hydraulically operated depth control jacks reduce operator fatigue. Integral two-speed wheel motors increase travel speed while automatically selecting the appropriate travel gear.
Blades: 14", 16" or 18" blades may be used with the PC6000EC.
Additional Information
Manufacturer: Diamond Products
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