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Stanley's New Generation Stealth Breakers offer a range of choices to suit any customer need, deliver more production per dollar at the best price available, and provide the highest return on investment.
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Quick Overview
  • Silenced. Noise suppression features make the new Stanley breakers some of the quietest on the market today.
  • Trimmed. Narrower profile allows the breaker to work closer to the walls of a trench and give better visibility for the operator.
  • Enclosed Housing. The powercell is suspended between bumpers eliminating damaging shocks transmitted to the carrier.
  • Armored Lower End. The housing is double strength at the lower end of the breaker to fully protect the powercell.
  • Lighter Weight. New generation stealth breakers are lighter in weight, allowing use of a lighter, less expensive carrier.
  • Two Moving Parts. Translates into less maintenance, better performance, and significantly less service.
  • Hard Hitting. Stanley breakers, pound for pound, are the hardest hitting breakers in their class.
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8 different models to choose from.
Additional Information
Manufacturer: Stanley
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