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Specialty Anchors - Shelving



Built-in spacer is made to fit flush with shelving standards to ensure accurate alignment
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Quick Overview

    TOGGLER Specialty Anchors can be used in almost any material, including:
    • Gypsum Board
    • Drywall
    • Plasterboard
    • Plaster
    • Accoustic Ceilings
    • Tile over drywall
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The built-in spacer is made to fit flush with shelving standards (C-channel) to ensure accurate alignment and to prevent the anchor from being jacked out of the wall during installation.

May be also used as a stand-off for installing equipment on warm or wet walls when ventilation is needed behind the installed object.

  • Position standard on wall and hang it loosely by a nail from top screw hole. (Gravity will hold standard straight.) Mark the remaining screw hole locations. Remove nail and standard.
  • Drill a 5/16" diameter hole at each mark—minimum hole depth in solid walls 1-1/4+. Fold anchor, insert in hole, and tap flush with wall.
  • Insert black key to pop anchor open behind wall (except in thick or solid walls). DO NOT HAMMER KEY. Remove key.
  • Place standard over anchors. Insert screws and tighten until flush with standard—then stop.
  • Use enclosed screws or any #7 x 1-3/4" flat head screw.
  • The anchors also wedge securely in thick and solid walls. Do NOT use key.
  • Position and install additional standards on wall, leveling top of each with top of first standard.
  • For double-slotted standards, use TOGGLER® Pegboard Anchors TBS2.
Whatever your shelving system — standard & bracket, wire shelving, steel shelving, storage shelves, industrial shelving, garage shelving, or closet shelving — fastening those shelves securely to the wall is absolutely critical to ensure that they do not fall down as soon as you put something on the shelf.

With so many factors to consider ... type of wall, type of shelf, length of shelf, whether the shelf holds the weight close to or far away from the wall ... this can be a real challenge.

Using TOGGLER® High-Performance Anchors, however, holds that shelf or shelving system securely on all walls ... and is quick and easy.

Use our Application Finder to choose the right TOGGLER anchor for your wall material, type of shelving, weight that it will hold, and number of anchors that you will use.

For some common standard and bracket or wire shelf installations, click on this link to see simple instructions for our TOGGLER Shelving Anchor and TOGGLER Wire Shelf Anchor.
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Manufacturer: Toggler
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