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Round Head Drive


Powers Fasteners

The Drive is a one piece tamper-proof, pre-expanded anchor available in carbon steel for use in concrete and stone.
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Quick Overview

  • Tamperproof Applications
  • Suspended Ceilings
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Drive    Pin Anchor

Product Description :
The Drive is a one-piece, tamperproof, pre-formed anchor available in carbon steel for use inconcrete and stone. Tie-Wire Drive anchors are used for suspended ceiling applications. Theflat head (counter-sunk) style is particularly suited for wood-to-concrete anchoring. The roundhead style can be used for other applications requiring fast, permanent installations.

General Applications and Uses :

  • Tamperproof Applications
  • Suspended Ceilings

  • Features and Benefits :
    + Pre-expanded anchor design allows for easy installation.
    + Round and flat head anchors are tamperproof

    Approvals and Listings :
    Underwriters Laboratory (UL Listed) – VFXT. EX1289FM Global (Factory Mutual) J.I. OK4A9.AH

    Guide Specifications :
    CSI Divisions: 03151-Concrete Anchoring and 05090-Metal Fastenings.Pre-expanded anchors shall be Drive as supplied by Powers Fasteners, Inc., Brewster, NY.

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    Additional Information
    Manufacturer: Powers Fasteners
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