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Caddy EZ Riser Clamp 510


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Erico 5100050EG Caddy EZ Riser Clamp 510 1/2"
Erico 5100075EG Caddy EZ Riser Clamp 510 3/4"
Quick Overview
  • Recommended for suspending vertical steel pipe risers
  • Bolts are accessible from the front, serrated washer head design means no wrench required on back side for tightening
  • Slotted holes make assembly a snap - no fumbling with loose hardware
  • Conforms with Federal Specification WW-H-171 (Type 8), Manufacturers Standardization Society (MSS) SP-58 and SP-69 (Type 8) NOTE: Clamp is fitted for steel pipe and should be installed below a coupling or shear lug, with bolts torqued to recommended value
  • Standard electro-galvanized finish is cleaner, provides superior corrosion protection
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The new 510 riser clamp from ERICO®is the latest innovation designed to simplify installations when suspending vertical steel pipe risers. The 510 riser clamp has slotted holes to allow easy installation without requiring hardware removal, meaning no more lost time looking for dropped nuts or bolts. This innovative riser clamp installs in a fraction of the time of a standard riser clamp.

The special serrated flange-head bolts eliminate the need for wrenches on both the bolt and nut. Just hold the bolt in place with your finger and tighten the nut from the front side - where it's most accessible. The electro-zinc plated finish on the 510 riser clamp provides superior corrosion protection.
Additional Information
Manufacturer: Erico
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